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Bondi Beach

On the 7th July I landed in Sydney after a 24 hour flight from the UK with Cathay Pacific.
First stop: Bondi Beach.

Bondi beach on a winters morning
Bondi beach

Bondi beach was amazing! Although it was winter in Bondi, the area still had a buzzing morning, late afternoon and night- time scene. In the morning coffee shops were full of people watching the waves and the runners that pass by. Healthy lunch spots can be found- Parisi has some amazing salad options, and for food in the evening, the bars serve great fresh food.

Wall art at Bondi Beach
Wall art at Bondi Beach

A run on the white sand in the morning is a very different experience from being the the small town of Huddersfield and I am loving it!

As the sun sets you begin to hear the music of the bars on the beach front. Hotel Bondi is a great places for locals and travellers alike.

Winters sunset, Bondi Beach
A winters sunset on Bondi Beach
Wall art, Bondi Beach
Wall art at Bondi Beach

The locals are very easy to talk too and love to give advice about the best clubs and bars to go too. From the advice of one Bondi resident we then headed to El Tapo. It was a small club compared to ones I’ve been to at home but I still had a great time.

On the final day, due to the recommendation of many local residents, we undertook the costal walk from Bondi to Coogee. The walk starts at the Bondi Icebergs pool and takes you past Tamara and Bronte beach. Around each corner you experience a different, but equally amazing view and the walk finishes at Coogee Pavilion, but we didn’t make is this far as we did not come prepared for how cold the Australian winter is. 😀

Bronte Baths
Bronte Baths
Bondi Beach
Bondi beach taken from the Bondi to Cooge walk

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