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Darling Harbour

After the recommendation of many friends, I decided to dedicate the weekend to spending time in Darling Harbour, and it was amazing!

I arrived in Sydney at mid-day and headed straight for the Harbour which is a short walk from Sydney Central station.

Darling Harbour, Australia, Sydney
Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is situated to the west of Sydney’s central business district. The harbour is lined with restaurants, cafes, the maritime museum, the chinese friendship garden and many attractions such as the Aquarium, Wildlife Park and Madame tussauds.

Darling Harbour, Australia, Seagull, Sign
Trying to find the Aquarium

The first thing we decided to do go to the aquarium, but on the way there we got distracted by the Hard Rock Cafe and we just had to try it out.

We then eventually found the Aquarium. Darling Harbour is split into two sections, the southern side and the northern side. They are joined by the Pyrmont Bridge which offers some great views of the Harbour.

Business District, Darling Harbour, Flags
The view of the Business District

We  arrived at the aquarium at 4pm and the queue to get tickets was still quite long. For anyone going in future its best to buy tickets the day before online to get discounted entry and to skip the queue. The aquarium contains 14 different zones, teaching visitors about the different marine environments and the dangers marine animals face in the wild. The wildlife includes sharks, rays, dugongs and penguins.

On leaving the aquarium it was around half 5, and just after sunset.

Darling Harbour, Sunset
Darling Harbour just after sunset

A we walked round the harbour, the restaurants were filling up and the smell of fresh food spread onto the walkway, lit up by the city lights.

City lights, bridge, night, Darling Harbour
The city lights at Darling Harbour

From here we walked through the Chinese friendship garden, back to get ready for a night in Newtown, Sydney. This is a very lively area fully of quirky little bars to discover. We only made it to two, The Bank was a very quirky hotel, with a pub atmosphere as you enter. But if you fancy something a little more lively all you need to do is take a trip upstairs to the live venue. The Bank regularly hosts live music in a room of vintage seats and a long bar, specialising in rum cocktails. Upstairs then opens out onto veranda of fairy lights.

We then headed to the bar with the biggest queue in Newtown, hoping that everyone was queuing because it made for a good night out. The bar was known as The Marlborough Hotel and had a bar on entry and then a ‘dance floor’ area to the rear. One thing that I’m still getting used to in Australia is that most of the bars and cubs are called Hotels.

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