Australia My Travels


Melbourne is a quirky city with amazing city scopes and decorated with beautiful art work. My time in this multi cultural city has shown me the ins and outs of life in urban Australia. For the past 5 days I have stayed in the Hotel Lindrun located on Flinders street, which is located between the city centre and the cricket stadium. Its a boutique hotel offering everything you would want. Although the hotel breakfast can not be faulted I do recommend going to a cafe for breakfast. There are so many independent, hipster cafes catering to all different tastes. Melbourne has influences from China, Thailand, Vietnam, Italy, Greece, Spain so there really is something for everyone.


On my stay in Melbourne I have had the opportunity to eat at some exquisite restaurants. These include The Waterfront, Rockpool, and Becco.

My favourite was Becco as it was less ‘touristy’ down one of the many alley ways of Melbourne. It served fine Italian food with great service! I would definitely recommend for anyone in Melbourne centre. And then to finish drink at a roof top bar know as Siglo bar which overlooks the busy city streets and the treasury building.

While in Melbourne I also went to the top of the Eureka tower, which is the tallest skyscraper in Melbourne, and I took part in the Neighbours tour. Neighbours is set in a suburb around a 40 minute drive from the centre of Melbourne and it included a trip to Ramsay street and a meet and greet with one of the actors.


And of course I took many photos of the Melbourne street art.


After a 5 day stay in Melbourne I am now travelling up to Sydney to spend Christmas and New Year.

Melbourne was a great city and I would have loved to spend more time there. There were many areas I did not get to fully explore and I will definitely be visiting again to do the Great Ocean Road and to see the penguins that live in Melbourne, whilst trying out a few more of the bars.

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